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For those of you (like myself) not attended the D23 Expo, Entertainment Weekly posted a recap of Marvel’s new scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Please be aware, the recap contains mild spoilers. For those wishing to remain spoiler free, do not read below:

Hey, Captain America — you just helped beat back an alien menace in The Avengers, where are you going now?

The answer: He’s going to Disneyland.

Standing before a crowd of thousands at the convention center in Anaheim, Calif., Feige asked star Chris Evans, “What did you do just before we started filming?”

He noted that they hadn’t prepared this, so he hoped Evans had the right answer.

Evans winced, and doubled over slightly. “I … don’t have the right answer,” he said.

“I’ll give you a hint,” Feige nudged him. “It’s right across the street!”

“Oh, Disneyland!” Evans shouted. So now you know how a superhero unwinds. (Presumably, he gets unlimited FastPasses.)

The banter kicked off brand new footage from the film, out next April. Feige warned that since the film just finished shooting, the scene would feature a mix of black-and-white rough animation, and a lack of some sound effects.

It begins with a crudely animated quinjet flying through the clouds. Inside, Captain America and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow are strap-hanging, and making awkward conversation.

“Doing anything fun Saturday night?” she asks.

“Well, all the guys from my barbershop quartet are dead, so …” he responds.

As Cap prepares to skydive from the plane, wearing his grayscale stealth uniform, she says bluntly: ”If you asked Kristen out from statistics, she would probably say yes.”

This is a subject for which Cap has no shield. He prepares to dive.

“To shy or too scared?” Black Widow asks.

“Too busy,” he says, plunging from the back of the quinjet.

Frank Grillo, playing the S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Crossbones notes that he fell with no parachute. We then see rough animation of Cap swan diving thousands of feet to make an Olympics-worthy plunge into the ocean beside a cargo ship, loaded with menacing men carrying machine guns.

Cap climbs aboard via the anchor chain, and begins silently taking out the mercenaries, ninja-style, the only sound the clanging of his shield against their craniums.

Once the bad guys are neutralized, Crossbones floats down on a parachute to take out the last one.

“Thanks,” Cap says.

“You seemed pretty helpless without me,” Grillo’s character replies.

Black Widow then lands and picks up right where she intrusively left off: “What about the nurse who lives across the hall from you? She seems nice.”

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For those not lucky enough to attend the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 festivities this year, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Florian N was kind enough to upload the entire How I Met Your Mother panel onto Youtube for us!

The panel for How I Met Your Mother from San Diego Comic Con 2013 included Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Carter Bays, Craig Thomas and Pamela Fryman. Take a look below:

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Cobie shared her thoughts on whether the ending of How I Met Your Mother could lead to her becoming a permanent fixture on ABC and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and what it was like to work with Joss Whedon and his team. Check it out!

“I’m up for it, it’s just a matter of the direction that they decide to go with the show. I don’t know how much they’ll be at the Command Center and how much they need me around. If it works out organically with the story line, then I’d be happy to come in but I truly don’t know.”

However, the actress – who will also appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and presumably The Avengers 2 – doesn’t seem all that interesting in returning full-time to the small screen once her How I Met Your Mother commitments end.

“It’s hard to say. I’m planning a big move to New York, so that’s a pretty huge factor in doing another series in Los Angeles,” she says. “This is the joy and the terror of coming off of a show after nine years: What should I do, what should I not do?! If the right project comes along, of course I’d return to TV. But I’d like to focus in film and on theater right now.”

As for working with Joss Whedon and his team, Smulders added: “I was so excited to work with Joss again and to meet his brother, Jed and his wife Maurissa and get to hang out with them again,” she says of filming the SHIELD pilot. “They’re all geniuses. Joss sent me my scenes and it was so great to see this character interacting in a different way and to basically get to tell the world that Coulson is ‘alive’ and back with a TV show where you can watch him every week. I was excited about that more than anything.”


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Cobie attended the CW, CBS and Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party on July 29, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Public Appearances > 2013 > CW, CBS and Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party

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Entertainment Weekly has posted their portrait shoots from Day 3 of the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 on their website. The site included two portraits of Cobie and her How I Met Your Mother co-stars (Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris). Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Studio Photoshoots > Professional Photoshoots > Set #024

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Yesterday, Cobie attended the Marvel Studios panel for Captain America: The Winter Soldier while in San Diego, California for the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 festivities. A big thank you to my friend Carol for sharing some of the images with us. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Public Appearances > 2013 > San Diego Comic-Con 2013: “Captain America 2″ Panel

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I’ve added several images of Cobie and her How I Met Your Mother cast mates out and about during the San Diego Comic-Con 2013. The took to the floor to check out the convention and even signed some autographs. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Public Appearances > 2013 > San Diego Comic-Con 2013: “How I Met Your Mother” General

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Yesterday, Cobie and her How I Met Your Mother co-stars (Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris) were in San Diego, California for the Comic-Con 2013 festivities. The cast participated in their first ever San Diego Comic-Con panel to discuss the shows final season. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Public Appearances > 2013 > San Diego Comic-Con 2013: “How I Met Your Mother” Panel

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Cobie and her How I Met Your Mother co-stars (Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris) sat down with Entertainment Weekly during the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 to talk about the final season their hit series. The cast became quite emotional when discussing what they will miss most. The interview is approximately 4 minutes long which you can view below. Also, screen captures are in the gallery for your viewing pleasures.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Talks Shows & Interviews > Interviews From 2013 > San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Entertainment Weekly

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It’s official: Cobie Smulders is joining ABC’s Joss Whedon superhero drama series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the How I Met Your Mother star has worked out a deal with producer ABC Studios and Marvel Television to reprise her role as Agent Maria Hill from Whedon’s The Avengers film.

Sources tell THR that Smulders is so far set for a one-off cameo role in the pilot because she’s contractually committed to CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, though the actress could return for another similar spot in the future.

On Friday at Comic-Con in San Diego, ABC and Marvel were to screen the pilot for SHIELD during a panel set for Ballroom 20. The pilot was not included in the typical freshman series screeners sent to critics in May in an effort to keep the news under wraps. Whedon is slated to be joined by “surprise guests” during the session. It was unclear if Smulders, who will be at Comic-Con for How I Met Your Mother’s panel on Saturday, will participate in the SHIELD panel.

“I wanted very much to have Cobie in the pilot because as much as anyone else, she IS SHIELD. She’s cool and commanding and has the dry humor that plays so well with Clark’s [Gregg]. Also, if she’s in it, I get to hang out with Cobie,” Whedon said in a statement to THR.

The news comes as Smulders is in production on the ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother, which hails from producer 20th Century Fox Television.
SHIELD is based on Marvel Comics’ secret intelligence organization that has appeared in countless titles including Iron Man, Captain America and The Ultimates since being introduced in the 1960s. The military law-enforcement agency’s moniker stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division, which also has evolved over time in the comics.

Smulders becomes the second Avengers star to join SHIELD. Gregg became the first to sign on to SHIELD in October when he agreed to reprise his Avengers role as Agent Phil Coulson. The character is a key member of the elite task force in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man. The role brings Coulson, who died in Avengers, mysteriously back to life.

Confirmation of Smulders’ role in the pilot comes months after the actress opened the door to participate in Whedon’s first TV series since Dollhouse, telling THR in January that there have been “some talks” about involving Hill in the ABC series.

“Joss Whedon is a genius, and any opportunity that I have to say words that he has written, I will take. … I love Clark and want to be a part of it, but we’ll see,” she said.


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The How I Met Your Mother wedding-set final season is, fittingly, turning out to be a family affair. Wayne Brady will return to the CBS comedy in a recurring capacity as Barney’s brother James in Season 9 TVLine has confirmed.

The actor announced his news via Twitter on Monday.

James’ reappearance – he was last seen in a 2011 episode -isn’t a complete surprise, seeing as how the show’s upcoming swan song takes place during the weekend of Barney’s nuptials to Robin. (Source)

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I’ve added approximately an additional 80 HQ images ofCobie from the CBS Upfront 2013 presentation and the Cool Comedy events from earlier this year. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

Gallery Links:
– Home > Public Appearances > 2013 > Cool Comedy – Hot Cuisine Even
– Home > Public Appearances > 2013 > CBS Upfront 2013

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Winners of The Saturn Awards were announced. The award ceremony was held at the Castaway Event Center’s Starlight Ballroom in Burbank. The awards were presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, honoring genre entertainment released between Feb. 1, 2012, and Feb. 11, 2013.

Best Science Fiction Film:
“The Avengers”

Best Supporting Actor:
Clark Gregg (“The Avengers”)

Best Director:
Joss Whedon (“The Avengers”)

Best Special Effects:
Janek Sirrs, Jeff White, Guy Williams, Dan Sudick (“The Avengers”)

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Marvel Studios officially announced today that Robert Downey Jr. is returning as Tony Stark/Iron Man in both The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3. However, the agreement was just a two-picture deal, which means that Iron Man 3 will likely be the last of his stand-alone movies.

The deal falls in line with a story from last month, that revealed the actor was in early talks to come back for The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3, but had no interest in a potential Iron Man 4. Iron Man 3 was the last movie under Robert Downey Jr.’s Marvel deal. We also reported in April that the actor wants to “retire” as Tony Stark/Iron Man, but he didn’t say when that might happen.

Joss Whedon is writing the screenplay and directing The Avengers 2, which will include the cast from Marvel’s The Avengers, along with characters never before seen in Marvel movies, such as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Production is slated to begin in March 2014, so stay tuned for more updates from this Marvel Phase Two ensemble.

The Avengers 2 comes to theaters May 1st, 2015 and stars Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Mark Ruffalo. The film is directed by Joss Whedon.

The Avengers 3 comes to theaters in 2019 and stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson. (Source)

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